Part 2



Spike was still sleeping when they pulled up in front of the Hyperion, and Xander was loath to wake him.  The vibrations from the car and Xander’s familiar caress had relaxed the vampire in a way Xander couldn’t remember seeing in a long time.

Letting the car idle, Xander watched as streaks of sunrise painted the sky in pinks and greys.  Spike looked so much younger when sleeping.  Like a boy of only twenty four years, not the man who had lived for over a century.  Not the man who had taken care of him, not all that long ago.

Sighing, Xander turned off the car.  Spike instantly started awake, pushing himself up and glancing wildly around.  When he realized that it had only been the car, he lost some of the battle-tension—but he didn’t relax.  “Sorry,” he muttered, before hurrying to the trunk to pick up their suitcases.  Xander scowled at the steering wheel—if he went back to help, Spike would just look pathetic at him.

“Xan?”  Spike hovered by the front door, looking anxious.  “Sunrise.”  That was it.  Xander could almost hear the comments Spike should have been saying, but instead all he’d really heard was a tactful—almost obsequious—reminder.

“Yeah.  Hopefully they’ve got our rooms set up.”

He wondered if Spike knew where they were, yet.  The directions had been easy to follow and cogent—which mean Cordelia had not been the one to give them—and the lack of Xander’s usual method of finding directions—lots of swearing, bitching, tearing maps and eventually asking random people on the street—hadn’t given Spike a lot to go on.  The fact that Angel’s new base of operations still looked like a hotel, if rather run down and unkempt, only offered more distractions.

He dreaded his vampire’s reaction.

“Hello?”  Xander wandered around the lobby, which was much nicer than the exterior suggested, telling Spike to drop their bags on a round, grey, plushy seat in the center of the room.  “Anybody home?”

He ambled about, a bleached-blonde shadow on his heels, absently examining as he went.  The desks looked well lived in, the computer bearing obvious marks that a woman used it—nail polish on the keyboard was a dead giveaway—papers and folders scattered around the small area behind the main counter.  He dinged the bell, guessing that it was futile.

“Oh, hello!”

He and Spike both whirled, instincts already balancing their weight and bringing clenched fists up.  A young woman took a nervous half-step back, clutching the collar of her shirt in surprise.

“A-are you X-X-X—”

“Xander?  Yeah.”  It was hard not to take pity on this one.  She looked like Dawn, with her long brown hair, scrunched up face and glasses, and acted like Tara—a combination guaranteed to make both men fall instantly in love with her.  “Sorry about that,” he gestured vaguely with his still-fisted hand, “you just startled us.”

“Oh!  I’m s-sorry,” she stuttered, nervously grinning.  “I was sleepin’ upstairs, and I didn’t hear ya’ll come in, is all.  I’m supposed to show you your rooms.  Wes said he thought ya’ll might be comin’ tonight.  They had to go out, b-but they should be back soon.  Oh, and I’m Fred.  Short for Winifred.”

Xander smiled as encouragingly as he could.  He could feel Spike’s curious gaze, carefully hidden so not to startle the little one.  “Thanks.  Can we see them now?  We’re both kinda beat.  Long day.”

“Sure.  Everyone’ll be sleepin’ when they get back, anyway, so don’t worry about anything before noon-time.”  She had a tumbling, jerky way of speaking like was oddly soothing in her little-girl’s voice.  “This way, please.”

Spike had grabbed the bags before Xander took even a step—although that was probably to stop Fred, this time, and not Xander.  They were led to a room halfway down the hallway, which had Xander nodding approvingly.  It was far enough away that if Spike wanted to sleep during the day, he wouldn’t be disturbed by the noise from downstairs—but if there was trouble, a shout would be sufficient to get help.

Living on the Hellmouth had taught Xander to be aware of all kinds of things.

They were shown two rooms, although he was fairly certain that was just a formality and an attempt at being polite.  There was something in Fred’s eyes that said she, at least, knew they’d be sharing a bed.  And they would be, if he wanted Spike to sleep at all.

“Thanks.”  He waited until Spike was inside the bigger of the two rooms, putting their things away and checking the room over.  “It was nice meeting you, Winifred.”

“Oh, please call me Fred,” she burbled at him, twisting her hands into anxious knots.  “Everyone does, even though it’s a boy’s name, because it really is my name.  Winifred sounds so silly, y’know?  I mean—well, you two get some sleep.  You had a long drive, and tomorrow’ll be pretty busy.  You wanted to take one of those Hollywood tours, right?  They’re still trying to get me to go.”

The combination of fear and wistfulness in her eyes did him in.  “How about you come with me, then?  I hate going by myself, and I can’t drag Spike to things like that.”

She blinked at him, innocent surprise telling Xander he needed to have a long conversation with Angel.  “Really?  You—you want me t’ come?  With you?”

He made himself look as goofy as possible, hoping it would put her at ease.  “Sure.  Like I said, I’d like the company.  You won’t get in trouble with—with your boss?”

“Oh, no!  He’d be so happy for me!”  Her grin was blinding, and he decided maybe he didn’t need to yell at Angel.  Definitely give some pointers on technique, though.  “I’d love to go with you!”

“Great!  It’s a date then!”  His grin got wider as Fred glanced at the partially open door and gave Xander a sly look.  He laughed, making sure that she knew he wasn’t laughing at her.  “Now, I think I need to say good night.  I’m beat.”

“Good night, Xander.  It was good to meet you.  Good night, Spike!” she called into the room, waving as she disappeared back towards the lobby.  Chuckling, Xander entered the room Spike had chosen.

It was a fairly standard looking hotel room, although obviously recently prepared.  Spike had already put away their things and set up the room the way they liked it.  A black pillar candle burned on the nightstand, filling the room with the smell of sandalwood.  Spike was leaning against the windowsill, black out curtains pushed to one side so he could look out the southern facing window.

It was times like this he was grateful he was slightly bigger than Spike, letting him rest his chin on the vampire’s shoulder as he hugged the slim body back toward his own.  “Hey,” he said quietly while wrapping his arms around a narrow waist.  “You okay?”

Spike let his head fall back on Xander’s shoulder, snuggling deeper into the human’s hold.  “We’re in LA?”

“Yeah.  Thought it could be fun.”  Spike kept his eyes on the lightening sky—he was fascinated by sunrise and sunset, watching as much as he could without incurring direct sunlight.  “You mind?”

“’Course not.”  But the answer lacked the emotion Xander expected, whether it was derision or outrage.  “You should sleep, Xan.  You’ve been up since seven.”

“You telling me you aren’t tired, too?”

Shoulders shrugged imperceptibly, despite Xander’s hold on Spike’s body.  “I napped.  I’m good.”

“Yeah, you are.  Come show me how good you are.”

That got a response, Spike twisting around to stare at Xander in shocked surprise.  “Wh—Xan, here?”

“Why not.  No one around but Fred, and I’m sure she won’t be able to hear us.”

“Yeah, but. . .”  It was a struggle for him to argue, Xander could see that.  The wild-eyed look of panic wasn’t a good thing, either.  “Xan—”

Sighing, Xander did the only thing he could do when Spike was like this—he kissed him.  Long and hard, it lasted through the move from the window to the bed.  Quickly stripping, Xander kissed and licked his way down Spike’s stomach and then past the low-hanging balls.  Spike was incredibly sensitive on his perineum, so Xander spent a good five minutes licking and sucking on that small piece of skin.

When Spike started to moan and gasp, Xander pushed slim white legs up higher so that Spike’s weight was resting on his shoulders and neck, and he began rimming Spike in earnest.  He grinned, despite his tongue pushed far into Spike’s body, knowing what Spike was expecting. 

Once Spike was relaxed and more open—which took a while, since vampires always returned to the state they’d be in when they were turned, which meant virgin for Spike—Xander sucked on two fingers and began pumping them between tight, white cheeks.

“Xan, please,” Spike gasped out, bucking back against Xander’s hand.  “Want you.”

“You’ve got me.  Always.”  Spike started panting, a sure sign that he was lost in what his lover was doing to him.  Good.  Repositioning him flat against the bed, Xander worked his mouth for a moment, and then swooped down onto Spike’s cock.

“Ahhh!  Please, Xan, please please—want you in me!”

Xander continued to lick and suck, ignoring his lover’s pleas.  He had a plan and nothing, not even begging, was going to get him to change it.  While Spike was lost in the dual ecstasy of a warm, human mouth and warm, human fingers, Xander used his free hand to find and open the lube he’d grabbed before they’d hit the bed.  He quickly prepared himself, grateful that he had practice doing this one handed. 

Ready, he withdrew completely from Spike, rewarded by a deep, longing moan.  “Xander, please.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”  He positioned himself, and then slowly sat down.

“Wh—no!”  Xander was ready for it, pushing Spike back down and holding him there while he adjusted.  Spike was big, and no matter how many times Xander took him in, it still required a moment or two.  Big, round eyes stared up at him in the faint light, head still occasionally shaking in denial.  “Xan, you don’t—you don’t have to do this.  Please, just fuck me.”

“I am fucking you, Spike.”  He rolled his hips, making them both throw their heads back to moan.


“When was the last time you came?”  The furtive look before a mask of innocent curiosity covered it told Xander all he needed to know.  “You aren’t jacking off while I’m at work?”

“Of course not!” Spike said, totally outraged at the mere question.  “You know I—hell.”

Xander rolled, lifting up slightly before settling again.  He had to keep Spike distracted—the trick was not distracting himself at the same time.  “So, if you won’t without me. . .” he flexed and squeezed, trying very hard to ignore the way his prostate sparked at the pressure, “that means a week, Spike.  What’s wrong?  Wasn’t it good?”

Spike shot up, grabbing Xander’s hips and pulling him tight.  “You are the best I’ve bloody ever had,” he said in a low, intense voice.  “Don’t you ever doubt that!”  Eyes the color of midnight blue stared at him, entreating and heartfelt.

Xander kissed Spike, reassured by the color change—they were only that dark blue when Spike was being totally serious.  “They why won’t you come?”

Spike sank back down, turning his head so he could see the partially open window.  “Can’t.”

Xander rolled in a circle again, knowing how much Spike loved that.  “Why not?  Is it—”

“No!”  He felt Spike thrust up just the tiniest bit, rubbing Xander in the best ways.  “No, I. . . neprmon.”

Huh?  He—oh.  That was. . . unexpected.  Xander slowly slid up and down, varying angles and speeds until he found one he liked.  Still thinking about what Spike had said.  It wasn’t so much what Spike now needed—that was something he was going to discuss at length with Angel and a variety of written sources—but that Spike hadn’t had any intention of telling Xander.  Despite the fact that they led very active sex lives and that after a week Spike’s erection had been turning black, Spike had still had no intention of telling his lover what he needed.

Xander was hurt, but he buried that deeply.  Spike would go catatonic if he thought he was hurting the human.  Instead he just picked up the pace and leaned forward so that his chest rubbed up against Spike’s.  He loved the feel of pebble-hard nipples scraping along his, and the way his warmth and Spike’s coolness enveloped his own erection.

“Harder, Spike!” he gasped out, knowing that the vampire was holding back.  Gradually, Spike began meeting Xander’s downward thrusts with his own upward ones, the shock of it making Xander moan louder.  He loved it when Spike was forceful with him, loved the coiled power that could break him in two—and never would.  “God, Spike, you feel so good in me.”

Spike could only moan his response, incoherent after a week of pleasuring Xander without taking any for himself.  Which was exactly what Xander wanted.  Grinning wickedly, he waited until he was right on the edge.  “Cum for me,” he whispered, leaning forward and biting hard on the vampire’s bloodless jugular.

With a scream, Spike arched up and released himself deeply into Xander, who was already coming from the sound of Spike’s pleasure.  They both froze in their respective positions, fire burning through their skins as they took pleasure in each other.

This was what he had missed, Xander thought happily as he lifted up and slithered into Spike’s cool arms.  Still panting, he licked at the teeth marks deep in Spike’s flesh.  Spike moaned in pleasure, hardening instantly.

“Again?” Xander asked teasingly.  “You want more?”

“No—yes—god, Xa—”  But Xander had just chuckled, whispered the same thing as before, and bit down hard enough that he broke the skin.  Spike bucked and shook, clutching Xander hard enough that he’d have finger-shaped bruises the next morning.  He didn’t mind—it wouldn’t be the first or last time that had happened.

He was careful not to swallow any of the blood—vampire blood affected humans like speed, but without the crash afterwards.  Beside, he wanted to sleep after this.  Once it had stopped bleeding, Xander again licked at the wounds he’d made.  “You taste so good, Spike.  Can I taste you?”

“God, Xander. . .”

Semen from both of them was pooled on Spike’s stomach, coating Spike’s cock and balls.  Grinning, Xander slowly began to clean up every drop.  They tasted incredibly mixed together, human salt mixed with vampire copper.  Sometimes he wished he could live on this mixture alone, because nothing else could ever compete for sheer deliciousness.  Not even chocolate!

Spike was moaning again, thrashing his head back and forth as he forced his torso totally still under that warm, wet tongue.  Still grinning, Xander continued his way down, skipping the once again hard erection to lap at the nearly hairless balls.  For some reason, Spike had almost no hair anywhere except his head.  It had fascinated Xander for weeks, feeling that silky smooth skin rub up against his own.

Once his balls were clean, Xander gave in to the pleading from the top of the bed and swung his lower half up to Spike’s waiting mouth.  “Thank you,” he heard breathed as a familiar tongue and powerful suction began to work him.  He moaned as he took Spike into his mouth, which made Spike moan against him, a familiar cycle making it that much better.

When Xander felt himself get close again, he pulled off and looked back between his legs.  “I wanna drink you,” he whispered seductively.  Spike shivered and moaned, sucking Xander down to the root.  “I want you to fill me.  Don’t want to eat anything else ever again, so long as I have you inside me.”  Spike was thrusting against nothing now, eyes tightly closed as he tried to find the friction Xander was denying him.  “Let me drink you, Spike, please?  Let me.”

Swooping down, he deep throated Spike’s cock, scraping his teeth down the length of it before biting—very gently—as he swallowed.

Spike’s body froze, not a single sound vibrating against Xander as he came, and came, and came until Xander thought he really was trying to fill him up.  He swallowed it all, savoring the copper-and-cream taste of his vampire, and licking the softening member clean once Spike finally relaxed.

At least, that’s what he tried to do.  He was humming as he cleaned, something he knew Spike enjoyed, when he felt a throat tighten around the head of his dick, and needle-sharp teeth prick against the sensitive skin at the top of his balls.

He howled, pushing himself deeper into the willing throat, cutting himself just a little before the teeth became flat and blunt again.  Spike’s hands stroked his buttocks as he swallowed his favorite mixed drink—Xander-blood and Xander-cum.

It took a few minutes for them both to recover.

Xander barely had enough energy to finish his task, while Spike did the same.  He felt that rough-soft tongue swipe over the small cuts until they were closed, a rumbling sound vibrating through his entire body.

“That was incredible,” he murmured as the vampire got him turned around and pulled him in close.  Xander managed to grab the blankets and yank them up, snuggling down into the slowly warming body beside him.  “You’re incredible.”

Spike nuzzled his ear, kissing the skin below it.  “Go to sleep, Xan.  You’re exhausted.”

“Yeah.  I still love you.”

The purring became even stronger, which was the only answer he ever needed.

Part 3