Part 3



Spike stared at the dark-haired boy curled up in his lap, blinking as slivers of dawn burrowed past blackout curtains.  He’d sat like that for almost two hours, just thinking.  About what had happened.  About why it had happened.  About how he could make it continue.  About whether he should.

An’ give up that mouth?  Or a chance at that arse?  Not likely.

But that wasn’t the question, was it.  Yes, he wanted to keep this boy for as long as he possibly could.  The question, however, was what he wanted to keep.  Or maybe he meant what combination.

Sweet, mad Dru.  All of this rot comes back to you, doesn’t it? 

Did he want another Drusilla?  If he kept Xander, it seemed he had one.  Perhaps not as broken as she was, but humans did not normally regress into little boys when being gentled and calmed.  They certainly didn’t act like animals—’least not without some torture an’ some serious mind games.  Lot more’n what I was doin’.

Something was obviously wrong with him.  Should I even care?  Man, boy, and puppy had all shown they were slavishly devoted to Spike, and he had liked that.  Boy was all set to go to sleep, since I was sated.  Dunno how he could’ve with his erection almost black, but he barely seemed t’ notice.  He liked how, despite the agony of that too-hard dick and Spike pressing down on the boy’s prostate, he’d still cum only when Spike said he could.

But that still didn’t answer the question.  Or the other two important issues.  One bein’ this thrice-damned chip.  The other, what Slutty’s gonna do when she finds out I’ve made her puppy mine?

Hang about.  Mine?  Spike glanced down, surprised to realize that he was petting the boy, probably had been for some time.  Xander was rolling under the caress, arching up into it like a contented cat.  There was a little hum with every breath and Spike decided if the boy knew how to purr, he’d be purring.  Mine.  Maybe.

Which made the whole question of which Spike wanted a moot point, didn’t it?  He wanted Xander.  The boy wanted him—at least, part of him did.  An’ wasn’t that somethin’ straight out of Dru’s world.  One second he’s sucking me, mouth so warm and so sweet, smelling of innocence and lust, and then. . .

Then there had been self-loathing, and resignation, and the salt-scent of tears.  The boy’s body wasn’t going to stop and it was still aroused, but whatever was controlling the body wasn’t controlling the mind.

For one split second, Spike had almost ended it.  I don’t rape.  Drusilla used to beg him to take some girl so that Dru could watch.  He supposed that it reminded her of Angelus, and that was enough of a reason not to do it.  Wasn’t the whole reason, but enough of one.  He wasn’t above seduction and making the unwilling willing, but no one left his bed unsatisfied.

He smirked in the darkness, remembering the game he’d devised to please Drusilla and keep himself pleased, as well.  An’ that’s the answer, innit it? he realized, suddenly.  It didn’t matter what he ended up with when the boy woke, because regardless, he’d make him belong to Spike.  Just like all those pretty girls who swore they’d never do what I made them beg for.

He felt himself harden as he pictured what he would do to sweet, innocent Xander.  He almost hoped that it would be just the man who woke; this was going to be fun.  Gonna train you, boy, he thought as he reached under the bed.  Anya had stashed a bag there before, telling Xander to at least look at them while she was away.  When she got back, if he had any questions, she would be more than happy to explain and demonstrate.

Sorry, Anyanka.  Don’t think he’ll have questions, time I’m through with him.

Pawing through the assorted toys, Spike nearly laughed aloud.  Anya!  Never knew you were such a kink!  Well, actually, he did, after a week of living in the basement.  Or maybe the first time Anya opened her mouth.  He pulled out a long, thin piece of plastic, a box with assorted tubes inside, and a special prize if the boy was good.

Hm.  Cherry seems appropriate.  Popping the appropriate top, he slathered the plastic thickly with the sweet-smelling lube.  Alright, you miserable chip.  Not hurtin’ him, right?  Trying t’ make him feel good.  Gotta train this boy right.

Xander moaned lightly when Spike rolled him into a better position and spread his cheeks, but did not wake.  Squeezing a bit directly onto the boy, Spike began to massage it in and around the boy’s opening.  He crooned softly as he worked, murmuring like he had not twelve hours before.

It slid in like silk, and not a whisper from the chip.  Beautiful.  Spike kept the rhythm slow, wanting to build this gradually.  When Xander started gasping for air and thrusting back against Spike, he knew it was time.


Xander screamed, hips bucking wildly as Spike made sure he brushed the boy’s sweet spot every time.  Oh, god, that’s good!  Spike flicked the vibrator to a higher speed, enjoying as Xander continued to scream and moan against his balls.

“Wanna cum, boy?  Wanna cum for me?”  Xander thrashed against him, babbling incoherently.  Spike chuckled, pumping the whirring vibrator with increased speed.  “Good boys get to cum,” he said, hoping that would be enough.

He was rewarded when Xander reared up slightly and swallowed Spike down to the root.  Spike was so glad that he’d been patient the night before, letting the boy set his own pace learning how to deep-throat.  This time, he thrust his hips into the boy’s warm, wet mouth, fucking him hard while still manipulating the vibrator. 

Spike didn’t take long to cum, flooding Xander’s mouth with cool liquid.  Rolling him onto his back, Spike turned the vibrator up one notch higher and wrapped his hands around the boy’s straining dick.  “You were a good boy,” he whispered, jacking the boy three times.

Xander threw his head back and howled as he came.

Spike kept his hand on the boy, milking him and prolonging the orgasm as long as he could.  While the boy jerked and shot, he used his other hand to work a butt plug into the boy’s tight ass.

An’ not one whisper from the metal in m’head.  Maybe I can fuck him.  Gonna have to test this careful-like.  Unlike Dru, intense pain was not a turn-on for him.

Xander was panting harshly, squirming from the pressure of Spike’s hand still rubbing him.  Chuckling, Spike released him and traced patterns in the semen pooling on the boy’s stomach.  “Liked that, hey?”  Xander just looked at him, dark eyes unreadable in the dim light.  “You stink, pet.  Forgot how mortals sweat.  We should shower.”

Spike pushed at the boy, rolling him off the bed and towards the bathroom.  He kept his arm around his waist, ostensibly to steer him around any objects normal human vision might miss, but actually to make sure he went where Spike wanted him to.

Xander began washing Spike as soon as they stepped into the nearly scalding spray, without any prompting from the vampire.  Once clean, he had the boy kneel before him.  “Lick, but don’t suck,” he instructed.  Picking up the bottle of shampoo, he began washing the boy’s hair.  They stayed like that for nearly ten minutes, Spike hands working in white-lathered hair, the boy licking at his cock like it was a lollipop.

When the water began to cool, he made Xander finish washing himself and rinsed them both off.  Xander dried him, again without prompting, still docile when Spike told him to kneel again.

He looked surprised when Spike batted his hands away.  “Hold still.”  He fisted himself, picturing how Xander had looked, begging for Spike to use him.  The first spurt hit Xander directly between his eyes, dripping down his nose.  The second hit his right cheek, then his chin and forehead.

“Don’t wash it off.  Let it dry like that.”  Spike tilted his head, admiring the cum-stained boy.  Pleased, he left the bathroom and heated himself a mug of blood.  While it turned, he fixed a bowl of cereal for the boy.  Xander slowly walked towards the table, staring at the cereal and then up at Spike.  Already, the cum was starting to harden, turning white and flakey.

“This means you’re mine now.  You’ve accepted my cum, you belong to me.”  The microwave beeped.  Seating himself across from the boy, sipping at his breakfast, Spike waited.

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