If Xander was infected with the demon's venom from Same Time, Same Place



“My hand doesn’t bend that way, Spike!”

At least, that’s what Spike thought Xander was saying, since his lips were only just moving, still.  Stupid git had wandered and got bit by the same kind of demon that’d tagged Dawn, a few years before.  He’d been living under the school, then, and off his rocker, so he’d only heard stories of her being posed like a Gumby Doll.

Pose-able Xander was much more fun, though. 

“Hush up, now,” Spike ordered, twisting Xander this way and that.  The demon would be dead, soon, which meant he had to work fast.  Otherwise the stupid bugger was going to run away again and Spike was bloody tired of that.

“Spiiiiike!”  Which was more like “Smaiiieeep!”, but Spike understood just the same.

Finally positioned correctly, Spike got down on his knees behind him.  “I’d tell you not to move, pet, but, well, you can’t.  So just shut up.”  Then he stuck his tongue up Xander’s arse.

By the time he’d moved around to the front, Xander was able to move freely again.  But that was okay, too.  The flushed, panting, groaning figure splayed out on the floor definitely wasn’t running anymore.