2 am.  Cars occasionally driving past the window, the hum of the air conditioner masking anything else.  Utter darkness.

“Come on.  You’ve lived over a hundred years.  You have to be able to top Cordy’s medieval torture device.”

“A bra is not a medieval torture device, pet.”

“It was when I was trying to figure out how to undo it.”

Two men lay tangled together.  They shared a pillow, bodies lax and languid.  The scent of sex was still heavy in the air.  Neither minded.

“Right, okay.  And you better not tell anyone, hear?  Only one who knows this. . . well, they’re long dead.  My first kiss.”

“Ooo, a good story!”

“Brat.  You wanna hear this or not.”

“Lips zipped, sir.”

“Are you teasin’ me?  Wanker.  Anyway, my first kiss.  Twelve years old.  Had more knees an’ elbows than anything else.  Always bumping into things.”

“You being a klutz is not kiss-relevant.  But cute.”

“I hate you.  Now shut up.  It was when I went on a picnic with me mum.  Da was. . . up in London, I think.  Can’t remember.  There was family involved, though, since was supposed to be there.  Not sure why, anymore, but it was a big deal.  Mum was upset for weeks that he missed that.  I slipped off down to the river, wanted to, um. . .”

“To write, Spike.  Say it with me ‘I wrote poetry’.”

“You’ve never written a word of poetry in your ill educated life.  Now shut.  Up.”

“Fine, fine.  Repres—ow!  Okay, okay!  The kiss?”

“Her name was Annabelle.  Few years older’n me.  She was my cousin.”

“You kissed your cousin!?”

“Hey!  Was perfectly acceptable, then.  Wasn’t like I was marrying her, just, well.  Kissing.”


“So I bit her.”

Silence, but for the occasional car and the air conditioner.  Then a low snicker.

“I didn’t know what I was doing!  Was barely twelve and girls weren’t things I spent any time around!  And she was bloody aggressive, too, I was just tryin’ to keep up!”

“Okay.  So—hee—um, so, you bit her.”

“I. . .I bit her so hard her I cut her tongue.  She had to run get her mum cause the bleeding wouldn’t stop.  An’ everybody knew what’d I’d done, cause it was a dare the rest of the girls put her up to.”

The snickers turned into a full-fledged chuckle, but that died away quickly.

“You were a cute kid.”

“I was a bookish, innocent little ponce.”

“Yeah.  Like I said: cute.”

Warm lips pressed into cool.  Tongues touched softly, driven by affection instead of passion.  Still locked in the kiss, two pairs of eyes slid closed.