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None of the characters in the following stories belong to me. Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Mutant Enemy, Lazy Dave Productions, Kuzui, and Fox Entertainment actually own and profit from the BtVS and AtS worlds.  We just play with the toys they leave around.

Depictions of domestic abuse, torture, and non-consesual sex can be found below.  That's on top of the nicer aspects of NC-17 stories.  If you're under age, go away.  Right now.  If you aren't, stick around.  Please remember that these are works of fiction.  Sex should always include a condom and consent - willing, conscious consent - must be given.

Many thanks to my various betas, who turn my gibberish into readable English.

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A Place Called Home

An RPG written with Green: Xander has a crush, which leads to redecorating a lot of things.  S/X, R.  Completed

Part 1 Part 2

Cat's Cradle

An RPG written with Ladycat as Xander and Othercat as Spike.  Instead of escaping the Initiative back in early season four, Spike remains captured and experimented on until Adam's destruction.  Spike then escapes, mentally damaged, chipped, and requiring constant supervision. Our story starts here.  This is a PWP - characterization, sanity, these things are for lesser women!  There is, however, lots of sex.  S/X, NC-17.  D/s and minor bloodplay.  WIP

Part 1 Part 2

Hazy Shades of Winter

A look at the real Pittsburgh, instead of the one QAF displays.  Xander's competent, successful, and very alone until he has two visitors, one welcome and one definitely not.  AU based on Killer in Me (7x13), if Spike had left when he offered.  WIP.  S/X/Brian.  NC-17.

Rain  Snow  Sun


Something is wrong with Spike, and Xander is determined to fix it. Crossover with Angel,the Series. Set at the end of season's six and three respectively, but AU, in that both the real seasons are being ignored. There was no Spike-Buffy sex fest, nor was Connor born. Includes X/S and S/A, NC-17. WIP

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Hellmouth Living

Sunday mornings. A series of vingettes. S/X, NC-17, AU.

58-Down   Nostalgic   Housewarming Gifts   Foul Play


Based on TJ's challenge: Xander remembers more about the hyena possession than he wants to, and Spike takes advantage of it. Based in season 4, although it becomes AU after a while.  X/S, NC-17, semi non-consensual, instances of BDSM, and in 11 graphic representation of torture. WIP

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12
Part 13 Part 14 Part 15


Mind games in the dark. Generic season 4. X/S NC-17. Completed.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Who said that the chip's only function was to cause pain? Based on a blurb by Jcalanthe. S/OC Adult situations. NC-17. WIP

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


It's mid-s2 on Angel, and Wesley's very unhappy about having been fired. He's going to do something about it. Of course, he doesn't know quite what that something is, but he goes to the Hyperion all the same and tries to talk. Angel isn't interested in talk. There is a part 2 to follow, but this story is stand-alone, as far as it goes.   A/W, NC-17.  Series.

Not Listening

One, Two, Three

An AU from the Replacement. Someone else got smacked with Thoth's beam, with a slightly different result.  S/X/Aya.  NC-17.  WIP

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


An AU series starting in early season four.  Buffy discovers that she has very strong needs, and Willow discovers that she loves fulfilling them.  B/W, with B/S/W and possibly more as time goes on.  NC-17.  A series.


Who's Afraid of Red, White, Green

Co-written with Estepheia, this was an Advent Calendar Series with one story being written per day.  It's Christmas time at Wolfram and Hart, and the wacky meyhem of the season takes its usual Angel-style toll.  Ensemble fic, with a few notable cross-over guest stars.  Takes place post-Destiny, going AU from there.  R, at most.  Completed.

December 2003



A series of stories set in the summer after the Gift, focusing on Dawn and Spike and how they deal with a world without Buffy in it.  A series.

Holly - written for the flashficathon, Cordelia visits Sunnydale.  A recently Anyaless Xander sees her there.

Woman - Dawn has a problem.  Xander's POV, set approximately three weeks after 'The Gift'.  Completed.  PG.

Shadow Comfort - Dawn reflects, one morning not long after the Gift.  PG.  Completed.

Shephard - Written for Willshenillshe, Spike thinks about his place.  PG.  Completed.

Taffy - For Diva_Stardust's birthday, Spike and Dawn have a mid-day chat.  G.  Completed.

Bonding - For the Cats and Dogs challenge, Spike gets Dawn a cat and offers Tara something else.  G.  Completed

Be Sober - Spike will try anything to cheer Dawn up.  G.  Completed.

Softest Flight - Dawn has a date and Spike's left to fret and fume.  G.  Completed.


Based on a NummyTreats challege: Spike, Xander, lost in Arabic opulence. S/X NC-17, generic season 5, then AU. WIP.

Silk 1 Silk 2 Silk 3


Spike's return, post-Grave, leaves him empty and alone. Xander feels the same. X/S, NC-17. WIP

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Soul 5



A Night at the Zoo

Car-grease without the car, and rhinos.  NC-17.  AU.  Completed.

A Spot of Dreaming

What's a bored Spike to do, trapped in Xander's basement?  PWP, NC-17.  Completed.

Angelus Complex

There was a reason Xander hated Angelus so much, back in season two.  Here's another version.  Big thanks to Estepheia and Narcolepticcat, who should really get co-writing credit.  NC-17.  Completed.


Xander's nervous because of a big meeting.  Spike figures out how to make him not nervous.  S/X.  NC-17.  Completed.


An injured Spike repays a reluctant care-taker Xander.  Written for Fitofpique's bad day.  AU.  NC-17.  Completed.


In a slightly altered season six, a recently returned Buffy discovers she's missed something vital.  X/S, PG-13.  Completed.


Co-written with Estepheia for the Spander Inquisition.  Xander and Spike need to undergo a charade, post-Gift.  Can they handle what's required of them?  S/X.  NC-17.  Completed.

Connect the Dots

People change.  Except when the never really do.  Written for Secret Slasha 2003.  O/L, NC-17.  Completed.


For the bunches suffering from the fall '03 illness, schmoopy, sick Xander.  NC-17.  Contains vague spoilers for Angel, season 5.  Completed.


Written for the Xanderslashfication.  The request was for it to be set sometime around Band Candy, and taking place in the apartment.  G/X, R for some adult content.  Completed.

Dread of Morning

Co-written by myself and Wesleysgirl, Spike and Xander work out some issues.  S/X, NC-17.  Completed.

Falling Into Place

Written for the July Flashficathon for Saraslash.  She requested Angel/Spike schmoop.  Set in an AU Angel season 5, no specific spoilers, other than the obvious one.  NC-17.  Completed.

Figured You Out

Co-written with Green.  There's a club.  And some sex.  A bit of jealousy.  AU.  NC-17.  Completed.


Written for Kita, post-NFA.  Angel requires something unusual to keep himself sane.  Spike doesn't like the implications.  A/S.  NC-17.  Contains Daddy!Kink.  Completed.


Xander's love-life gets arranged without his knowledge.  Schmoopy.  AU.  PG-17.  Completed.

Gentlemen's Night

Spike, Xander, sex.  NC-17.

If I Believe

Gritty, dark, angry sex.  The title is from an E.E. Cumming's poem and the story is in his style.  S/X.  AU.  NC-17.  Completed.

In Every Parting Redux

Estepheia requested help on her flashfic assignment, found here.  To do this, I wrote a partial piece for her to look at.  She decided she was going a different way, but told me to finish it anyway.  So I did.  A/X, and it's pretty clear where I deviate from her story.  NC-17.  Completed.


Words don't always say the right thing. Fortunately, Spike's good at reading between the lines.  Written for Dancetomato, for btvs_santa, 2003.  NC-17.  Completed.

King of Cats

Spike wants something.  Xander finds a way to give him that and more.  Kink.  Shakespeare.  S/X, AU.  NC-17.  Completed.

Lattice and Pearls

Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily.  Dark.  Completed, although more could potentially be added.  S/X.  AU  NC-17.


After staring at the James-sucks-a-lollipop pictures that made the rounds on LJ, this was written.  S/X/B.  AU.  NC-17.


Xander gets hurt.  Spike makes it all better.  S/X.  NC-17.  Completed.


Giles takes care of Xander.  Early season 4.  NC-17.  Completed.

Minute Man

Spike has needs that Xander is not thrilled fulfilling.  So he makes sure he fills his own needs as well.  NC-18.  Completed


Another Spike's return post-Grave fic, but this time Xander's waiting for the one he blames for the past year's troubles. X/S, NC-17, graphic BDSM and torture. Extremely not nice or happy.

Not Asking for the World

Co-written with Wesleysgirl.  A blackout leads to unexpected revelations.  S/X.  NC-17.  Completed.

Observed Strategies for Survival

Co-written with Wesleysgirl.  A dark look at what desperation does to people.  Set in season four, this contains non-consensual sex.  Not for the faint of heart; dark.  E/X, NC-17. Completed.

Olive You

Co-written with Green.  A dirty, nasty, daddy!kink look at the insane dynamics of our brains - er, Spike's and Xander's brains.  X/S.  NC-17.  Very.  AU.  Completed.

Play Pretend

Big party, new experiences. NC-17 AU


Vamp!Xander has fun with what's his.  Written for Anna S.  X/S.  NC-17.  AU


A post!chosen Xander thinks about things.  X/A, X/G, X/S.  NC-17.  AU.  Completed.


Flashfiction assignment. Wesley/Faith, taking place during Salvage (Angel: the Series 4x13).  Wes gives Faith what she needs, not what she wants.  A little over a thousand words, NC-17.


Written for the Spander Inquisition (over seventy S/X stories!), this was written for Mwrgana, who requested (and this was totally random) slow, reluctant seduction ala Hunt-Brother chapter 1.  So Quarry was born.  S/X, NC-17.

Quarry Addition

Written in the same 'verse as Quarry, Spike and Xander continue their growing relationship.  S/X.  NC-17.  Completed


PWP.  Yes, really, there is no plot.  There is just porn.  And some very disturbing, twisted kink, including daddy!sex, so if that isn't your thing? DON'T READ THIS.  For Daddy!kink lovers only, as there are many people for whom that is too squicky.  Xander has some issues, and Spike is good at twisting them.  S/X, NC-17.


Written for the Spikeslashficathon.  Spikes_heart requested Angel, Spike, and the Sire/Child references.  This takes place post-The Gift.  It vaguely fits into my Shadow'verse.  A/S, NC-17.  Completed.


Getting hurt isn't always the end of the world.  Sometimes, it's the way we find proof of what we live for.  S/X.  PG-13.  Completed.


Another schmangst story written for Anniesj - who had sore feet and wanted a bath.   S/X, NC-17.  Completed.


Estepheia requested a bit of smut, this was the result. Set after Get It Done; spoilers up until that episode!, although mostly AU. Mildly kinky bit of fluff-smut.  S/X, NC-17.  Completed.


Torture doesn't have to be intentional.  Some time it just. . . happens.  S/X, NC-17.  Completed.


Post-Chosen h/c and schmoop.  S/X, NC-17.  Completed


Post Connor's expulsion in the beginning of Angel Season 3.  Angel is feeling the weight of being a parent, and shows in a very vampiric manner.  Incest, Angel/Connor.  NC-17.  Completed.

So Happy Together

Estepheia requested birthday threesome happy smut.  S/X/A, NC-17.  Completed.

Stroke of Midnight

Written for the 2002 for Fairfax.  This story is placed after Hush in season for, but assumes that Doomed and the rest fell after Christmas.  Just go with it, please.  S/X NC-17. 


PWP.  Yes, really, there is no plot.  There is just porn.  And some very disturbing, twisted kink, including daddy!sex, so if that isn't your thing? DON'T READ THIS.  For Daddy!kink lovers only, as there are many people for whom that is too squicky.  S/X, NC-17.


Flashfiction assignment number two.  Spike and Giles deal with life post-'Gift'.  NC-17.  Completed.


Spike, Buffy, and Xander.  A dark pwp.  Rated NC-17.

What's in a Man

Spike gets insecure.  Xander fixes it.  Daddy!kink.  AU.  NC-17.  Completed.

Wrapping Paper

Written for the Spikeslashficathon for Ficerrific.  It's Xander's birthday.  Spike wants to give him an ... interesting present.  S/X/G, NC-17.  Completed.


A series of vignette's featuring William and early Spike.

Chances - William, PG-13   Doll - Old Spike, back when; R.



A series of drabbles, with no unifying factor other than that I wrote them in fifteen minutes or less.  Based upon requests from lj users, they vary in style, rating, and content.  Basically, it's a big mixed bag.  Unbeta'd.  I mean it.  Grouped in no particular order.  Other than the pairing, you won't know what you get until you read it.

Angel/Xander   Spike/Xander1  Spike/Xander2  William/Angelus  Spike/Xander3

Spike/Xander4  Spike/Xander5  Spike/Anya  Wesley/Connor  Xander/Andrew

Spike/Andrew   Wesley/Faith  Wesley/Oz  Spike/Willow  Spike/Andrew2 

 Buffy/Angel  Spike/Xander6  Spike/Xander7 (Happly Ever After)  Spike/Glory

Spike/Xander8  Spike/Xander9 Buffy & Andrew Giles & Wesley


Best Friends

A young Xander has a problem.  A young Willow shows him that it isn't.  G. Completed.


Human AU.  Spike and Xander have been together for a while now. Sort of. Maybe. They think? But they aren't really sure. At least, one of them isn't.  S/X.  PG-13.  Completed.


Very loosely based on the Christmas series Estepheia and I are doing, Angel and Spike talk about Christmas.   G.  Post Destiny (5x08).  Completed.


Buddy requested B/X.  Set post Freshman (4x1), Xander comes to check on Buffy that night.  NC-17.  Completed.


POST NOT FADE AWAY.  Spike discovers something he never thought possible.  Immortality the normal way.  PG.  Completed (for now)


Spike discovers that while the medium has changed, his love of beauty has not.  Pre-series.  Dark.  Contains non-consensual sex.  NC-17.  Completed.


Spike and Giles each have a problem.  Summer after The Gift (5x22).  PG.  Completed.

Odd Day Out

Spike.  Xander.  Mini-golf.  G.  Completed.


Post-Chosen Xander finds something in common with Buffy, again.  He finds himself, too, and something else beside along the way.  PG.  Completed.


Spike and Xander put some things in order.  G.  Completed.


AU.  Spike has geased himself to be trusted by the Scoobies.  Will this give him what he truly wants, as well?  PG.  Completed.

Second to the Right

Written after seeing Finding Neverland. Spike and Xander come to a consensus, regarding a proposition Willow and Tara have made. Schmoopy. PG. Completed.

Sick Puppy

Xander is sick.  And he's done something very naughty.  Fortunately, Spike's there in the clinch.  Written for Kimberly.  R, for some naughty words and phrases.  Completed.

Star Bright

Loosely affliated with my hustler!verse stories, Spike teaches Xander something about memories and how to deal with them.  PG.  Completed.


Romantic troubles result in the strangest partnerships. Post-Hell's Bells.  Completed.  G.



These stories all tie into specific episodes.  Some take place during the episode, some are AU stories that take place after or based on the episode in question.  All have spoilers up until the episode listed.


Mirror, Mirror

"Damaged" and "You're Welcome" (Ats, 5x11, 5x12); Spike feels an odd kind of kinship with his attacker.

My Way

"Harm's Way" (Ats, 5x9); a slightly different take on why Spike didn't leave.  PG.


"Lineage" (Ats, 5x7); Spike tries to find his place.  PG.

Play Pen

"Life of the Party" (Ats, 5x5);  Spike and Gunn have a brief moment of bonding.  PG.


"Dirty Girls" (7x18); Xander does what Xander does best. PG

Pain Killer

"Killer in Me" (7x13); Spike waits in the Initiative.  PG-13.


"Never Leave Me" (7x9); what if Willow had come to watch Spike for a few moments?  PG-13.

Scheduling Issues

"Conversations with Dead People" (7x7); Xander's missing scene during.  PG-13.


"Beneath You" (7x2); Spike really is insane.  PG-13.


"Entropy" (6x18); Spike thinks.  R.